Why God Created the Universe?

"Swami, the source of all the problem is You. All the problems in the world exist because You created the world in the first place. Why did you create the world Swami?" - these brave words were said by one of the youth brothers who was present in a group interview that Swami was granting to us many years ago.

As all of us waited with bated breath and with our ears perked up to catch the response that was to be the solution to all the problems of the world, Swami coolly replied, "A..B..C..D raani vaadiki words cheppi emi prayojanam. Meeku ardham kaadu." (For the one who does not know the alphabet, what is the use of teaching him words. You will not understand.)

This answer from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, or Swami as we lovingly called Him seemed very simple and the topic ended there as the conversation drifted elsewhere. But, looking back at that piece of interaction today, I feel Swami's words make a lot more sense to me today than they did in that room on that day. When I look at my 7 year old son and try to teach or explain something to him, I have to really get down to his level to make him understand. Then, there are things which are beyond the ken of his understanding and I just have to say, "Just do as I say. You will not understand now. You will understand why once you grow up."
I am sure all of us with little kids will resonate with this experience. Today, I feel it was the same case with Swami that day. He knew that we will not understand the secret of creation just because we ask for it. We need to spiritually grow up to even begin to understand the 'Why' of the universe.

As is my habit, I was recently listening to a discourse by Bhagawan delivered on 8th Nov 1993. Swami was narrating a beautiful story on 6 illustrious sons of great Rishis who go to a sage Pippilada in order to gain knowledge. When they pose questions to the great sage, the sage simply says that they need to be qualified even to ask such a question and puts them through rigorous training in his ashram for years on end. The sage makes them realize through their own personal experience that Divinity is present in the world just like fire hides inside the wood and oil hides inside the Til seed. This was how the great Prasna Upanishad was born.

But what caught my attention was the fact that there is a certain deservedness to even ask a question like that. We want all the answers but we never want to analyze if we are qualified enough to ask the question in the first place. If someone wants to build a bridge, he or she must have earned the engineering degree to be able to construct the bridge. If one wants to perform a surgery, one must be qualified as a surgeon to do so. Similarly, if one wants to understand the secret of the universe, one must be ready to undertake sadhana and look inwards.

There was another interesting interaction that I was a witness to when I was studying MBA in Swami's college. One student asked Swami, "Swami, the world is so troublesome." Swami immediately replied, "Where is the world sir? There is no world. It is all an illusion. There is only God."

Now, this conversation set me thinking and I wondered why Swami said there is no world. Don't we see, live and breathe in this world every day? Then why was Swami saying there is no world. It took me some time to understand that Swami doesn't see a world like we do. He sees everything as a part of God. One day when Swami stood up to leave from the portico where He was sitting and chatting with us students, He looked at one of the Professors and said, "Why are you looking at me like that? Are you thinking I am mad?" The Professor got tense and nodded in the negative. Swami continued, "What to do...Meeku unna prapancham ane picchi naaku ledu. Naaku unna anandam ane picchi meeku ledu...The madness of world that you have, I don't have. The madness of bliss that I have, you don't have."

Here was such a profound statement from the Master! The universe exists for us since we fail to realize the oneness that binds all of it. The creation of the universe by the Lord is similar to the creation of dreams by our mind during sleep. Once we wake up, we know it was all a figment of imagination by our mind. Similarly, for the one who is perfectly awake in the true sense all the time, He knows that the universe is but a figment of imagination of the Divine consciousness that is the basis for all the world.

Well, finally we may never know why God created the universe till we realize that we are that God!  Then it will become evident to us. Till such a time, we can just stick to what Swami has said, "I separated Myself from Myself in order to love Myself."

That is why Swami always repeated the Vedic injunction. ' Tat Twam Asi' - That Thou Art!

Sarvaih Jnanopa Sampannah!


Sai Pradeep said…
Thought provoking article anna...
Purusha sooktam
Can give us a picture about "How God created the world"
Sai rudram Nakaka, Chamaka gives us
How he enjoys the play with the applied conditions to Love himself as his embodiments of love .
They are actually metaphorical. They attribute a form from which things are born. The question here is not how. It is why.
I understand
I mean to say..
Ur conclusion is right here
.. i.e. , "I separated Myself from Myself in order to love Myself."

To understand little more abt that 'WHY' only it helps.

As you said
We can focus more about swami statement to that professor through these sooktam n sai namaka chamaka
.. i.e...
"What to do...Meeku unna prapancham ane picchi naaku ledu. Naaku unna anandam ane picchi meeku ledu...The madness of world that you have, I don't have. The madness of bliss that I have, you don't have."

He decided Game with applied conditions.
He prepared ground and created players.
He gave the bat of Vichakshana and energy to face the KARMA well to reach the goal of moksha

I feel ..We can get answer for both How and Why from your discussion itself ..If we think in this angle.

That is what I feel.

Any how
Thanks for nice topic venu


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