Does God need an instrument?

Avatars, prophets and saints have come and gone, are coming and going and will continue to come and go. However, what intrigues me is the 'team' they always had around them to get the work done.
This raised in my mind the question which is the title of this article.Does God really need an instrument?
To know the answer, we must delve deeper into what the purpose of the Avatar/prophet is and what the role of those around Him/Her is.
For instance, let us take the case of Sri Rama, who is adored and worshipped by millions today as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. However, would Rama have accomplished what He did without the Vanaras and particularly, without Hanuman? Take the case of Lord Krishna. Could He have successfully carried out the systematic cleansing of A-dharmic forces without the support of the Pandavas? Could Jesus Christ have spread His gospel if not for His 12 disciples?
The answer to all these questions is perhaps in the question itself. Let me take a step back and think. Instead of asking whether they could have achieved what they did, lets ask - did they actually come to achieve what the world perceives as 'achievement'? Well, if we look at it objectively, none of their achievements have stood the test of time. What has stood the test of time however is the love and devotion they have inspired in the hearts of millions. How could God or even His messengers have such a short lived goal as perceived by us as the 'purpose' of their incarnation. It is my firm belief that all the great things they achieved were purely a byproduct of their descent on Earth. The actual 'purpose' was perhaps only to inspire love, give joy and fill the hearts of people with devotion.
The Dwaraka of Krishna is no longer there - but His name and form are in the minds of millions of devotees. The bridge of Sri Rama or the kingdom of Ayodhya are not to be seen today. But, the Ramayana and the joy the name of Rama gives is forever.
Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital, Prashantigram
Avatars come not to achieve something. For them, there is nothing to be achieved. Swami (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) did not come to build hospitals, provide drinking water or even establish educational institutions. He came to light the lamp of love in our hearts by inspiring love and devotion. That, I suppose is the main purpose of an incarnation.
Coming back to our topic - does God need an instrument? Well, my answer would only be - Yes - to achieve what the world sees as His 'mission', and No - to achieve what He has actually come to achieve.
Swami was once telling one brother, "You have to do so much work for me."
"But why Swami. You could make even a corpse work." the brother replied.
Swami said, "No bangaru. I need an instrument. How can a doctor perform a surgery with a rusted knife. He needs one which is sharp and in good condition. I am the Divine Doctor. You must be like the knife which is clean and sterilized for me to be able to work using you."
Little did I realize that during this conversation, what Swami was referring to was that He needs instruments to carry out a worldly task, only to give the opportunity to the instrument to be close to the doctor. However, for His mission, He alone works and does what He has come to do.
Other Gopalas supporting the hill using sticks when
Sri Krishna held it aloft
I remember how Swami was once narrating the incident where Lord Krishna held aloft the Govardhana mountain on his little finger and the ignorant gopalas or cowherd boys started to support it using the sticks they had in their hands, lest it fall on them all. Wouldn't the Lord who could lift the entire mountain on His little finger have the strength to hold it? Swami told us this and said that the Sai organization members are like those gopalas who think that they can actually support Swami. Did He need an instrument? I think the verdict is out.


Kamal Gajwani said…
Dear venu,
Have recently come across ur blog and have read each and every article of yours. You pen down your thoughts absolutely fantasticallly. In your terms I too am a part time sadhaka on the journey of life, living with my doubts, inhibitions, fears, strength, faith and swamis grace. Thank you for sharing your experiences cos many such problems we come across in our daily lives. Since you were fortunate enough to be his student I am sure the clarity in thoughts and the faith you have will be remarkable. Keep writing and enlightining.
Thank you.
Jai sai ram

Kamal Gajwani
Thank you Kamal..I am glad you feel good on reading these articles. I thought one of the ways in which we could serve Swami was this - by triggering a thought process which will help us internalize His teachings, since now the way to Swami is not travelling to Puttaparthi. It is travelling towards 'Put Apart the I'.
Kamal Gajwani said…
Yes ofcourse venu. It helps me, untill I try remeber them. Practising it is a different story though. Well you have very beautifully put the Put Apart the I. But in current circumstances rather in our daily lives many a times it become very difficult to practise. Specially when you have been dragged into a matter for no reason or rather you are being picturised in a wrong manner amongst others. No matter how good you want to behave, patience you want to keep, avoid as much as possible there are times when we give up, loose control, flow with the tide and do things which are not to be done and later regret too since deep down we know its not right, but that moment you loose your control and forget what ever learnt. So I would say for me I am just a beginner on this journey
First of all a good blog to read, thanks to that. Next Though the verdict is clear enough through your writing or the narration. I seldom feel I get questions on this concept as per circumstances and couldnot see a proper answer as such. May be becoz me being not even a nano part of water drop in the oceans of this journey. Felt good reading this.
@Prashant...time will only tell. Circumstances in life are not always the same. But the important thing is to become rock solid in your values so that nothing can then shake you when the tide of circumstances hits you. I guess thats what Sadhana is all about. Sahana should increase with Sadhana, else it is futile.

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