GURUDEVA - a tribute on Guru Poornima

Memories flood me as I pen down - or rather - type down a few words in fond remembrance of my Guru and God (GURU DEV) - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
How Sai has entered my life and filled it with meaning and purpose is known only to me. I am certain this is the story of many youngsters out there who were lost, forlorn, despondent and directionless. It is the artist who can see the idol embedded within a stone. He only chips away the extra adages and the beautiful idol emerges. It is the painter who sees the painting before he even starts. He only fills in the colours and the painting emerges. It is the Lord who sees the Divinity in each of us. He patiently weeds out the 'not so Divine' qualities and shows us our true nature.
Many memories flood me as I reminisce over the Divine Love that Swami poured out by giving His quality time and working at chiselling my character. However, I would like to share two stories of His love and how He shaped my life by becoming my Sadguru.

I know! Naaku Telusu
During my engineering days, I was blessed with opportunities to participate in various service activities with the Hyderabad Youth which pretty much became my identity. It was during my third year of engineering that another brother came up to me and proposed an idea. "Why not take a bunch of engineering students who have never seen Swami to Parthi?" he asked. I liked the idea, for what could be a greater service to anyone than to show them God Himself. Little did I know then, that it was not a case of us showing them was rather a case of God showing us how He calls people to Himself. Coming back to the incident, we were gung-ho about the whole idea and made the effort to reach out to our classmates/batchmates/ collegemates etc to gather a bunch of Engineering students who would be ready to make the trip to Puttaparthi. Surprisingly, quite a few of them came forward - even people who I thought were atheistic and disinterested in any spiritual matters. We planned for the trip. There were no trains to Parthi those days. So, we made bookings for bus tickets. We landed there in the morning and were ushered into the Sai Kulwanth Hall to be seated as a group. We were generally used to our senior brothers in the team taking care of accomodation/seating etc. For the first time, we were on our own. To our pleasant surprise, we were told that Swami had already intimated the Ashram Incharge about a group of engineering students coming from Hyderabad - that was the reason why we were ushered in to be seated as a group. So, we were actually not quite 'on our own'. Its just that Swami had taken charge. That was the first surprise. That morning, during His Darshan round, Swami looked at us and walked past without saying anything. We got back to the rooms where we were accomodated and prayed - chanted Gayatri, Sai Gayatri and Hanuman Chalisa. During the afternoon Darshan, Swami surprised us by walking along the line and said something to each of the boys which made each of them (remember they were all first timers) feel that Swami knew them intimately. That is the magic only Swami can create. As He came by me, I could barely say that we were all a group of engineering...and He just hit me on my nose saying "Telusu, telusu (I know, I know...) and walked away. The next morning, as soon as He saw us, He indicated to us to go to the interview room. We all sat outside the interview room and waited for Swami to finish His darshan round. As He glided onto the verandah and spoke to some people there, He looked at us and told the others that we were a group of engineering students who have come from Hyderabad.
He then called us in and what followed was an hour full of wonderful interaction where Swami gave us lessons for life - all the time speaking like He was one of us. So young, so vibrant and so dynamic. This was where I saw my Sadguru in action.
First, He spoke to us lovingly and enquired after each of us - which branch of engineering we belonged to, what were our favourite subjects and so on. Then, slowly He started to pull up a few and singled them out to mention that He knew their subjects, He knew their girlfriends, He knew.....well....slowly it was clear that He knew EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY. And then, He started to shape and mould...He said that Life was given by God for the worthy purpose of reaching God and that the body was given to serve the fellow beings. One of the boys asked Swami about eating non vegetarian food to which Swami surprised me by saying, "There is nothing wrong in eating non vegetarian food." My mind was screaming - Swami!! nothing wrong!!! but You say that one shouldnt eat non veg all the time. But then, Swami continued, "What you want to eat is your choice. But, there are two reasons why I generally advise not to eat non vegetarian. One - by eating animal meat, you develop animal tendencies. You must develop Divine tendencies, not animal. Your thoughts are shaped by the food you eat. Therefore, by eating animal meat, you tend to develop anger, lust and such other animal qualities. Secondly, it involves a lot of himsa or violence. The animals are mercilessly put to sword and their pain does not go in vain. By eating animal meat, inspite of not indulging in the act of violence, you become part of the cycle that causes this violence and I do not like violence in any form. That is why I advise in that way." What a sweet way to put it! Swami knew how to position it for there must have been non vegetarians in the group. But who could counter such a sound argument. The Sadguru knows your mind better than you do.

Soordas - the blind poet saint

The other story happened on the same day when He very lovingly told us the right use of senses through a story. Swami said, "There was once a cowboy - not American cowboy, Indian cowboy (we all laughed). Cowboy meaning one who tended cows. He was a very good singer. One day, as he was along the river banks, he saw a beautiful young lady. Now started hysteria - just like you boys. He started to follow her. As he followed her, he even went upto her house. Her husband sat outside and was weaving. He stopped him and asked him why he had come there. This boy said that he came for the lady. Her husband was enraged and started beating him with a stick. The lady of the house came out running. She enquired what happened and when she learnt the reason behind her husband beating this boy, she said to him, "Poor lad! He is ignorant. Let me speak to him." Then she said to the boy, "O foolish boy. Why do you think God has given you these eyes? Is it to ogle at women like me? No no. It is to be able to see the Lotus Eyed One. It is to be able to see God. Dont waste your time in this way." On hearing this, the young lad was filled with remorse. He walked away from there and thought that since it was because of his eyes that he was so swayed, he should destroy those eyes. He picked up thorns and pierced his eyes and became blind. He was none other than Soordas. See boys - for having cast bad looks once, he pierced his eyes. You boys are casting bad looks so many times. But God does not want you to pluck out your eyes. He wants you to use them correctly."
What a beautiful lesson by the Sadguru! Only He could drive home a message so subtly and so beautifully.
I only hope and wish that we tread along the path shown by our Divine Master.
Namameeswaram Sadgurum Sainatham!!

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Bishu Prusty said…
Inspiring anecdotes with the Sadguru. Thanks for sharing and do write more! The youth from Andhra is blessed with plenty of opportunities of interaction. Lets collect these pearls.
Venu said…
Thanks Bishu. Will try and share these treasures with all. Thats what Swami would want us to do too. He would always say...share My Love...and RadioSai does that all the time. Its amazing how Swami leads us to understand the steps of Mother, Father, Guru and God!
CS.Bala said…
Dear Venu... just recollected how foolishly i missed the opportunity of being with the Lord during that trip! more over... swamy telling not to tell anyone that he is calling the team next day... hope it was the same trip.
Raj said…
Dear Venu, Thanks for sharing, Looking forward for more such experiences, I am sure you have a plenty of them.
Venu said…
Dear Bala - maybe these lessons were already in you and perhaps you didnt need them.
@Raj - I have been sharing them on my other blogs. Do read them when you find time. Hope to share many more.
Really wonderful to read this experience Venu. :) The writer in me desperately feels like getting the privilege of penning down a few experiences of yours. :) For my satisfaction of course...

Awesome messages and very nicely captured. Will share this... And of course, subscribe to you! :)
Sita said…
Sairam ra Bhaktha, I heard these from you a couple of times during our school days and yet, I get excited to hear/read them again and again. Keep 'em coming! - Sita
Venu said…
@Aravind - Thanks buddy. I'd be glad to share a few. Thanks for the encouraging words.
@Sita - Good to hear from you. Will certainly share more when time permits.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing. Always thankful to you!!!
Suchetan said…
Sairam Brother... thanks for sharing the golden moments with Bhagwan.. these experiences always remind the infinite love that Swamy bestowed on each one of us...
Ever grateful to the Lord!

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