Alumni session in Poornachandra Auditiorium

It was on 31st December 2008. Swami had called all the alumni to the Poornachandra auditorium for an exclusive session. It was indeed a treat as Swami opened up a beautiful question answer session where many alumni brothers asked questions and Swami replied. Here are some excerpts from that interaction. Each of the questions was asked by a different student.

Q. Swami, as your students, how should we behave?
A: First what you need to know is "Who am I?". When you are convinced that you are a human, behave like one. Don't behave like an animal or like a wild animal. That is all. Behave like a human.
Right from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go back to bed, if you eat indiscriminately and do nothing but that, what is the use. Food and water are needed for the upkeep of the body, but you should not live only for them.
My classmate Phanindra asking a question
Second you need to know, "Where am I?" You are in society. So, think of the welfare of the society and work for it. You cannot be alone. You need the society. Enquire what thoughts you should get as a human being. Animals cannot discriminate like this. Remember that you are not the body. There is no need to read the Shastras or any book to know this. When you say Naa Deham (meaning my body), it actually means Not (for Naa) Body. So, you are not the body.

Q. Swami, how to refrain from bad actions?
A: If thoughts are bad, actions will be bad. Anger will reflect anger. Everything is divine. So fill yourself with divine thoughts and automatically your actions will also be divine.

Q. Swami, how to face the problems of life?
A: Problems and worries are of your own making. I did not give them to you. As is the vision, so is the creation. Change your vision. Some students have faith. Some doubt. The problem is in you. Good and bad are not outside. Your feelings have created the good and bad. Don't blame anyone for that. All are God. Students, Swami, Vice Chancellor - Atma is the same in all. You say My body, my seat, my hall and so on. All that for which you use my my all maya.
There are many evil effects of the Kali age and it is difficult to wade through. Due to the evil effects of Kali, strange things are happening. Women are marrying women and boys are marrying boys like husband and wife. But all this is temporary. Hold on to the eternal. What is eternal? Sathya, Dharma, Shanti  Prema and Ahimsa - these are the important things.

Q. What to do when we get angry Swami?
A: Anger, pomp etc are animal qualities. Anger is an animal quality. Even if it comes, it wont last long. Seek the humanness in you and it will go away.
Many of you have studied economics, commerce, science. You may even be IAS or IPS officers. Do IAS, it is good. What is Samaja(society)? Some people coming together is Samaja.
There are many who are starving for food. You must do something about it. Don't think that I ate my part so I am happy. Don't deny someone who comes for food.
Even if someone is angry with you, you should not get angry. Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya (desire, anger, greed, attachment, ego and jealousy) - these six are in you. Since they are in you, it is you who have to control them.There are 5 fields of knowledge:
Wordly knowledge, General knowledge, Discrimination Knowledge, Ethical knowledge and Spiritual knowledge. By acquiring only the first two, you cannot call yourself knowledgeable. These are only bookish knowledge. Even small kids have them. Practical knowledge is important.
You are all earning today. But don't think that is all. Money comes and goes. Morality comes and grows. You should not hurt anyone. Help ever, hurt never. Learn to speak such that you don't hurt anyone. Many of you speak to your parents rudely. They feel hurt. Their suffering will come back to you as a consequence. Mother, Father, Guru are all teachers. God is the teacher of all. Even if your parents accuse you, be silent. They have a right to condemn you if you are wrong. Remember that if they are happy, you will be happy. Not only parents, you must strive to make the society happy. You must have 4 S's.
The foundation is Self confidence. Self is all that stays. Other things come and go. Trust in God. nothing will affect you then. Be courageous to face anything in life. Tomorrow is 1st Jan. I will speak again. Do you have any doubts? Ask.

Q. Swami, why am I unable to find Truth?
A: Because you are not in the Sathya Marga(path to Truth). You must follow the path of truth to find it.

Q. What is our duty as a Sai Student?
A: Just follow what I have said. That is all you need to do.

Q. Swami, we find that many times service projects that we plan do not fructify. Why?
A: Projects being successful is all Swami's will. You only do your duty. Leave the result to Swami. The success or failure of the project is not in your hand.

Q. Swami, we wish that you should walk again. Please walk again.
A: Doctors have advised me not to walk since it may slip (Swami had a hip bone fracture). But Swami wil walk. It is all perfect now. If I was unwell, would I be able to do so many things? Recently we gave water to Madras. For the past 100 years, government has been promising. But, they could not do it. Yet I did it. We must serve as long as we live.

Q. Swami, how to control anger and ego?
A: When you feel angry, say to yourself, "I am not dog. I am man". Drink a glass of cool water or walk away from that place.Sing some bhajans. That way, you can get over anger.
Ego - why ego? In this vast universe, the milky way is like an insignificant dot. In the milky way, the solar system is hardly identifiable. In the solar system, the earth is like a grain of sand on the beach. On this earth, the country of India is like a dot. In this country, Puttaparthi is a small hamlet. This auditorium is a small dot on the map of Puttaparthi. Within this auditorium, amongst so many thousands, you are an insignificant dot. Why have ego? Think like this, your ego will go away.

Q. Swami , we don't find time to render Seva. What to do?
A: Do Seva only when you find time. Otherwise, consider the job you do as service. That is good enough.

Q. How to come close to Swami?
A: If you want to come close to Swami, have Him in your heart. He will come to you - wherever you are.

Q. Swami, I have returned from America. But, my children want to study there. What should I do?
A: Firstly, it is good that you have come back from there. Things are not good in America. It is better to do a 10000 rupees salary job in India. If your children don't come up well, you will be sad later. Be with them. Don't admit them elsewhere. They are at a tender age. Keep them close to you. It is your responsibility to bring them up well. If they are away, they will forget parents. If both husband and wife go to office, who will take care of the home? Who will teach their children? Take care of your own children. That is important. Otherwise, in future the child will cry for the aaya(nanny) and not for the mother.

Q. Swami, how to attain Atmananda (bliss of Atma)?
A: Less luggage more comfort. Cut down your desires. Then automatically bliss will envelop you.

Q. Swami, how to surrender to you?
A: Surrender is never easy. That is because surrender means there has to be one to offer and another to receive. This is separateness. Separateness is tough. Think always that God is in you, with you, around you. That is easier.

You can see a pictorial presentation of this meet at the following link


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