Mahasamadhi - celebration or mourning

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the Mahasamadhi of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu. While there are tributes pouring in from all sides, it behoves us to ponder upon what exactly we are doing on this day!
The word 'Samadhi' means to be equal minded and certainly Swami as I call Him, was equal minded even when He was physically present. Why call the day of leaving His body as Mahasamadhi? Should we mourn the physical departure of the Lord in human form or should we rejoice the union of an individual soul into the infinite? These questions have been rambling in my mind since morning and I prayed since it has been my habit to pray when in confusion. In the silence that ensued, I felt the following truths unfold - some of which were interesting indeed. So, I decided to pen it down lest I forget.
Firstly, it is for the struggling soul which is pining to merge back into the infinte that we say that so and so has attained Samadhi. Swami was not that soul. He was the goal into which all such souls merge. He was the infinite which came down among us to show us the way. His departure is a mourning for those who lay too much emphasis on the physical and too little on the spiritual.
Secondly, it is a day on which we should rejoice the fact that the Lord of the Universe came down amongst us, walked with us, talked to us, held our hand and led us to the right path. It is the day when millions of devotees across the world will sit in silent prayer and express their gratitude to the most magnificent Avatar in terms of outreach and ease of access. Isn't such a day a day of great joy? Why mourn?
I was then in Shirdi, now at Parthi but truly speaking, I reside
in the eyes of My devotees the moment they think of Me.
Just like there is water vapour in the air but it cannot be seen, Swami is present all around us but cannot be seen. We will need the deep freezer of devotion to condense the water vapour and crystallize it into a solid form. Even today, there are people who converse with Him everyday. There are thousands who can see Him as real as they can see you and me. As Swami has often said in His discourses, "Mundu Shirdi, Nedu Parthi, unnavaadani pere kaani, tannu bhavana cheyu bhaktula kannulande melagunanna....Kannu vippi choodaroranna, ee Sai devudu yennaga yendaina kanadanna." (It is said, first in Shirdi and now in Parthi but truly speaking Sai is in the eyes of the devotees who think of Him with feeling...Open your eyes and see, this Sai Deva is there wherever you look for Him).

When there has been no 'coming' where is the question of 'going'. I remember once when in Kodaikanal, we were all sitting around Swami and requested Him for individual photographs. In His great magnanimity and benevolence, He obliged and blessed us all with individual photographs. As each boy took turns for photos with the Lord, something all of us will cherish for the rest of our lives and our families will worship for centuries to come - according to what Swami had said, the Lord revealed the Truth in the simplest of ways. When one boy was leaving and the other came into position for the photo, Swami smilingly remarked, "See, boys come and go but Swami is always there." What a great import that statement had! He is always there because He is the ever present, the omnipresent and the changeless eternal. Others 'come' and 'go' because they identify themselves with the body, a cloak, a dress, a vesture.

Boys come and go but Swami is always there

Now, there is also this other question of why it is called 'Mahasamadhi'. What is the difference between 'Samadhi' and 'Mahasamadhi'. The difference is that while Samadhi is a state into which a practised Yogi can enter and exit, 'Mahasamadhi' is a permanent state. Going by this argument, Swami was always in 'Mahasamadhi' since He was always in the perfected state. There was no going and coming.
Now, lets come to the point. What are 'we' supposed to do? The best thing is to go out and live His message. Swami would often say that we must make our lives His message. Once Swami asked - "What is devotion? It is nothing but pure love for God.
What is purity? Selflessness is Purity.
What is selflessness? When you think of the welfare of others more than yourself - that is selflessness.
At least do one act a day which is selfless in nature and only then you can call yourself My devotees. Otherwise, you have only wasted the golden chance that the Avatar came down and bestowed upon you by being one amongst you and showing the way."
Many people say that, "Oh that was possible for Swami. But, can you and I do such things?" Well, Swami came down as a human to show us what is possible for a human to do. If He had to do everything in a supernatural way, He would just snap His fingers to create hospitals, organizations, universities and institutions. The pity is that many don't want to believe it can be done. Let us pray that He guides us and leads us on the path that will make Him say, "Yes, your life is My message." On this Mahasamadhi day, this is my only prayer.
Jai Sairam.


Anonymous said…
You wrote very well, Venu, and I read it several times.

Perhaps, Swami’s maha samadhi is a form of “potentisation’. If Swami was there in physical form for us for eternity – we (as in the general masses) may have just learned ourselves into ignoring him.

So, HE probably knew that his going will cause the “healing force” to be released from within him and carried forth by the many that came in touch with him - each of them individually, no doubt, a very high “dilution” of his persona – but sufficiently “shaken” by him – they are now highly potent in the larger society.

Thank you.

Love – Ram Josyula
Venu said…
Hey Ram....finally got you to respond on something. Very well said indeed. All said and done, the loss of Swami being physically around is a huge void....but we need to live His teachings...this is the great opportunity we have...
Ashok Kumar said…
True, it is a joy to have seen the Lord..To practice is to enjoy the food. Thank you Venu

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