Gather and Possess Vs Let go and Give up

"The water which gives up the dust and other impurities rises into the sky and forms a cloud..the water which holds on to the dirt and muck stays on the ground as a slimy slush."
Essentially we hold on to so many of our possessions, our properties, our ideologies, our thoughts, our relationships, our egos, our sense of importance and so on. If only we knew the art of giving up these attachments in the mind, our rise would indeed be rapid.
But, what is it that makes us feel that it is so difficult to give up. Simply put, as Swami usually says, things should be the other way around. It takes effort to cling on and hold something...not to give it up. The strange irony of life is that we believe its tough to give up.
And, what exactly is this 'giving up' all about. I am reminded of a story that Swami used to tell us. It was about a renunciant who used to sit on a particular rock in the Himalayas and meditate each day. One day, after his morning ablutions, he found another person sitting on the rock. He got wild at this other person, started abusing him and said, "How dare you sit on 'my rock'?"
The other person laughed at this renunciant and said, "O fool! You gave up your family, your belongings, your home and came all the way only to develop attachment to a rock?"
We all laughed at the story. But, looking back, I feel it was not the story of a renunciant - rather it is the story of our lives. We left all our past attachments, worries, relationships etc. in our previous birth, donned a new body - afresh - anew....hoping to use it as a vehicle to reach the Divine. However, we came here and started to develop attachments to new people, circumstances, money, etc. Isnt it strange?
Vairagya therefore should be coupled with Viveka or discrimination. The idea of impermanence of any object automatically confers a sense of Vairagya or renunciation. It is to be able to give up in the mind, not physically.
Sri Krishna with His 16008 wives
There is a mention in the Srimad Bhagavatam where Lord Krishna says that He is 'Nitya Brahmachaari'... Wow! 16008 wives and He calls Himself a Brahmachaari. But, if we delve a little deeper, what He is saying is that His mind is always in Brahman. So, there is no attachment - that is true renunciation. It then doesnt matter who and how many are around you. However, this state is not easily achieved. Man is so consumed by his ego and his false sense of prestige that even if he gives up things, properties etc...he is unable to give up the feeling that 'I gave up...." What a paradox! Read this:
"The tongue has oil, fat and greasy substances rolling over it, but it is unaffected by these and does not become greasy. The mind too must be tamed to be unaffected by the experience of success and failure, gain and loss, well-being and illness. Practice surrendering at the feet of the Lord at all times; let His will prevail." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

I can only pray that I be able to take that plunge and give up - so that my mind is freed....Like Swami says, "The empty mind can be filled with anything. But the mind filled with junk has no place for any Divine thoughts."
I hope and pray that I may also give up all the dirt and let my mind soar into the skies of bliss........


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