God's Dilemma

Illustration of two players - both praying for a win

Imagine what it must be like for God....two individuals playing a tennis match...each praying fervently that God helps him win. What does God do? Both are His children, both are praying with equal fervor and devotion, both are equally skilled....what a dilemma!
Lets go a step further, what would you or I do if our two children were fighting over something trivial and wanted you to decide who should get the object for which they are fighting.

Well, you would try to work a compromise - wouldnt you? Or, you'd try to reason with the more mature child that give up for the sake of the other and I will give you something far greater.
Isnt that exactly the way God works as well? Look at the lives of saints over the years. They are said to be 'dearer' to God. But, life seemed to have treated them more cruelly. How many saints have you heard of who have led rich and comfortable lives?
But, they gave up - 'sacrificed'. That is why 'Tyaga' is given so much importance in our scriptures. Swami used to often quote, "Na karmana, na prajaya, dhanena, tyagenaike amrutatwamanasuhu"...meaning neither action, nor progeny, nor wealth gives you immortality. It is only sacrifice that confers immortality.
Sometimes I wonder, how God must feel. When I see my little son crying for something which is of least significance and perhaps even harmful for him, I wonder if I am asking God for things which in His perspective are similarly insignificant and dangerous.
It is best for the child to place faith in the wisdom of the father and be content with whatever he gives. The same holds good for us who should trust the Divine Wisdom of our father in heaven and be content. But, its easier said than done. We have a penchant for creating this dilemma in God's mind (if there is something like that) and ultimately, we get lost in things which are of little or no importance. I can only imagine God smiling at our ignorance just like we would smile at our children crying for a small plastic toy.
How about taking a small detour here - lets look at what we do with our lives. We are taught from our childhood to pray - but how? Pray for....success, exams, children, money, safety, x, y, z, a, b, c...oh the list goes on. Why were we not taught to PRAY. Just pray- period.
Thats where the problem is. We put the ugly cloak of desires onto our prayer. And then, God is in a 'dilemma'. Whether or not He should grant your desire.
I remember when Swami - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as the world knew Him and our sweet Swami as I knew him - had called us for a family interview, my mother made bold to ask Him, "Swami, can we pray for good health?", Swami replied, "NO. You should not ask for anything. Ask and that item shall go down on the list. God knows what to give and when. You dont even have to ask."
This reminded me that all those saints of yore probably never 'asked'. They knew the secret - dont put God in a dilemma. Just watch the Divine drama unfold and PRAY - not 'for' something but because praying is fulfilling in itself.

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Amit said…
Nice one! Thank you.
Tarakeswar said…
Thanks anna . Just recall what swami said "adukave o manasa adugukoladhi aduguna padunani adugani pani vadiganagunani adugaka thanakai madasina sabri ni adharinchaledhey" So let us leave at thy lotus feet and pray.
Venu said…
@Tarakeswar - actually that was the exact thing Swami had said.
My take on God is here. Do read it.

Haha..whether God is confused or not, you sure are.

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